WP Twin (Unlimited Sites)
Clone a Wordpress blog in under 57 seconds - and make more money in less time. Clone everything at a push of a button - plugins, comments, pages & posts (including ALL the content), tags & categories, permalink structures & privacy settings, themes (active+inactive!), affiliate links & links of any kind, footer and header info... EVERYTHING! Clone your sites for backup (all it takes is 1 click...), deploy hundreds of affiliate sites easily, or set up our (included) sales letter clone. A MUST have tool in your toolbox!
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Easy Redirect Script
Amplify your ROI and protect yourself from losing your hard-earned traffic with a must-have tool that immediately STOPS you from THROWING AWAY sales... In 37 seconds! An amazing link redirect tool that has TONS of professional features marketers like us NEED - SEO safe redirects, 2 second link cloaking, stealth pages, stealth redirects, splash redirects, categories and statistics and more. Stop affiliate commission theft and protect your business now!
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48-Hour Report
Create valuable, in demand, helpful and ACTION-INSPIRING information products in less than 48 hours! You'll be able to act on this information the minute you read it... and use it to launch a 6 figure business online like I did. Make yourself immune to the writers block, kill procrastination, have your readers spread the word thanks to a very subtle yet completely ethical "mind-programming" technique... and enjoy an avalanche of sales!
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7-Minute Article
Maybe you want to outrank your competition. Or get paid instantly as a freelance writer. Maybe you're growing your own business and need to establish yourself as an expert. With 7 Minute Article, you can spit out a 400 word click-pulling masterpiece article in 7 minutes flat - including research and proofreading!
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Bare Essence Squeeze Pages
Finally, you can get squeeze pages that get 62.4% opt-in rates even if you aren't a world-class copywriter/designer and don't have money to hire one. In fact... If you steal my amazing system I've developed over the years, you can get away with less than 100 words - and create a lead-pulling squeeze page in 4 minutes!
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Double Your Productivity for Life
Effortlessly get two times more stuff done in 48 hours from now! (Not to brag, but I've created 32 front end products in 25 days using these techniques - imagine what would a productivity like that would do to your bottom line!) This isn't about following a "do-or-die" kind of routine... Instead, you'll be installing proven mental systems that'll let you crush hurdles and achieve BETTER results than 99% of the 'gurus'!
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Members Lab
Can you spare 4 hours to make $100k/month? With Members Lab, you will be able create your own super-profitable membership sites and get paid like CLOCKWORK for doing the work just ONCE! Get it done by using completely FREE tools (all you need is your own domain name!) - plus, I'll mercilessly reveal all the "insider secrets" big league marketers use to quickly get their $100,000+ sites up and running!
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Point Blank Clients
Win local client after client doing the most basic thing possible and make the easiest $500 within 24 hours. Incredible? Check this out: First, you'll be going after buyers so hungry they'll buy on the spot... yet nobody else is even thinking about targeting them! Second, you'll discover an unique way to have them gladly pay you up to $1,000+ for a one page website - that you can create using a simple template. No hard sell, no cold calling, none of that!
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Instant Expert
Ace almost any skill MUCH faster than the well known (yet commonly misinterpreted...) "10,000 hour rule"! Finally, you can quickly acquire HOT skills without wasting YEARS figuring them out. For example, I've used this very system (that I'll INSTALL in your mind in 45 minutes and 1 second flat...) to crush it at product creation, traffic generation and time management - as well as webinar presentation, consulting with local businesses, copywriting, design and tons more!
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Mind State Change
If you just can't get your motivation up to accomplish necessary stuff and move your business forward... all you need is a simple "mind-trick" that makes action taking so desirable it's impossible to resist! (If digging around your psyche to install productive habits scares you, this might not be for you...) Mind State Change is a proven program that gets you laser focus, unstoppable confidence, sets up pleasure motivation and gets you to take action!
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Video Mystic
I'll let you flat out copy my video marketing secrets that took me thousands of hours to discover! Use them to create high converting video sales letters (I've nailed it down to a 6 step formula that works like gangbusters). Discover how to create pro quality videos for a few bucks in few minutes, and make your streaming videos load without stuttering. Plus, learn my Youtube secrets, Powerpoint tactics and TONS more!
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Plugin Hotshot
Discover how you can outsmart the competition and create awesome Wordpress plugins that people just won't be able to get enough of. And you won't have to write a single line of code! Follow a simple process to come up with a killer idea that fills a hole in the market, hire a programmer (and avoid ALL the common pitfalls) and enjoy a windfall of cash!
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FB Advocate
Utilize the Facebook Group "snowball effect" to get MASSIVE traffic to almost any fan page in almost any niche! How do you make money with this? Suddenly, you're able to send an email to ALL these people... and even better, you'll get to their BEST email address without even trying! Implement this system step by step and dominate FB groups, get 1,000+ comments in less than 2 hours, tag & mention for profit, sell FB services to local businesses and more!
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Wishy Washy Guru
Create INSTANT CHANGE in your life with "unconscious state installations"! A step by step, practical, easy to apply SYSTEM - and NONE of that "wishy-washy personal development guru" crap! Set and achieve goals the way Olympic athletes do. Eliminate bad habits in minutes. Achieve laser focus. Draw money your way like a magnet. All thanks to quickly installing 7 states of wealth and personal development!
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Webinar Pitch Secrets 2.0
Discover how I make people CLING to EVERY WORD I say & buy $152,198.23 worth of my products over a single webinar! Don't WASTE your TIME trying to figure out how to structure a successful webinar on your own. Instead, copy my method. Use my million dollar+ template. Hit the ground running and sell like crazy... even if it's your first webinar!
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WP Redirector
Now, you can use a certain type of SCARCITY with a few clicks of your mouse... that's going to fire up your prospect's fear of loss and ethically FORCE them to take action! Chain together as many redirects as you want based on time and date. You can use it for automated product launches (display a different page every day without touching your WP Dashboard...), affiliate bonuses, drip feeding content... and more!
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WP Secure Pro
Instantly close 7 vulnerable weak points on your Wordpress sites and protect your business from hackers, crackers and digital terrorists. I'm going to explain securing Wordpress in "plain English" - so you can take action and protect your hard work immediately. You'll be able to finally sleep as a baby knowing that your business is safe!
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6-Figure Baby
The easiest way to 6 figures a month is to copy someone who's "been there, done that"! I'll talk you through every step of the way how I made $117,036.04 in ONE month (the same month my baby girl was born...) - and make everything so easy to implement you'll wonder what all the fuss is about. It's almost like you and me having a lunch together... even better, since you get to replay the parts you didn't get the first time!
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Video Marketing Debunked
Todd Gross
Here's how you can force the 800lb gorilla a.k.a. YouTube to work FOR you! If you've ever been confused about how exactly you tap into 2nd biggest site on the planet and use it to make money... Get this awesome course by Todd Gross and Mark Thompson! You'll get tons of valuable, actionable Youtube techniques and tips, 2 case studies, plus a recorded Webinar that talks about tons of common problems & mistakes and much more!
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Killer PLR Bundle
Sue Fleckenstein
Premium quality PLR bundle in 3 hot, profitable niches! First, you get a report (10,000+ words), 10 articles, video, royalty free images and tweets and tons more in Yoga niche (one of the fastest growing sports niches). Second, you get a 17 page buyers guide in Diamond ring niche (build your list in a niche that pays hundreds and thousands of $ per sale). Last, but not least.. you also get a Christmas toys report so you can get ready before your competition is even thinking about it. High quality, engaging writing for pennies on the dollar!
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6-Figure Mastermin
Mark Thompson
Let two six figure marketers provide life changing coaching & mentoring for under a $1 per day! Finally, you don't need to break a bank to access one of the most complete internet marketing coaching programmes ever. Get help with business models, conducting research, product creation, copywriting, joint venture relationships & promotion, email marketing, traffic generation, outsourcing and tons more! 12 week core training with follow up live webinars, webinar archives, video Q&A and tons more resources available to you 24/7!
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Facebook & Pinterest Mastery
Jo Barnes
Discover the subtle yet incredibly effective techniques to completely DOMINATE Facebook and Pinterest the easy way - and grow your business in just under an hour a day! Even if right now you're struggling to figure out the basics, after going through this course, you'll be able to create engaging, entertaining and attention grabbing content like a pro and grow your likes, shares, optins & sales! The best part is... these are 2013 methods that you can use the minute you read them!
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30-Day Marketer Coaching
David Walker
Finally, a simple "A To B" of how to make money online - WITHOUT getting lost somewhere along the way! You could be a complete newbie, start this program and see the results you want in just 30 days. This will eliminate information overload, provide clear path and direction, and take you from $0 to a sustainable online business by teaching you how you can become an authority, build a responsive list and other long term income techniques! Also, you get 50 proven emails that you can just send out and watch the sales roll in!
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Pinterest Bundle
Barb Ling
Grab 7 powerful Pinterest products and dominate the social network only smart marketers (like you...) see the potential in! With this bundle, you'll be armed with ALL the knowledge you need to take Pinterest by storm. You'll go from a complete Pinterest newbie to a seasoned pro - and you'll even be able to run a profitable membership site by using Pinterest as a free back end solution!
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Social Media Certification
Tina Williams & Trish Gilliam
Want to stand out as THE Expert in Social Marketing and Offline Consulting then this is the program that will do just that for you. Jammed packed with 16 weeks worth of training starting with Mindset,Foundational Marketing Formulas, Business/Branding Basics moving on to the Profit Platforms (Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Pinterest and more) then right to creating the CASH. Client Getting and Strategies to get the business and keep it long term then Outsource Training for implementation. The Certification Program gives you the Confidence you need and the Private Facebook Group gives you the Community to support you along the way! You will go to the Next Level whether you are an Offline Consultant, promoting your own business or if you are an author, speaker or coach we got you covered!
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